Can Government Contractors Launch Commercial Products?

We specialize in ensuring that the entire marketing approach is correct and realistic. We start with “is this product ready to be sold” and then “who are the best possible prospects for the actual products you are selling today?” We also take into account the competition and market factors to ensure you have the right strategy. We want to stand behind the strategy, so we stay around to implement the recommendations, as you see fit. Many of our clients are government contractors who have developed products for the government and want to assess the commercial viability of their new product.

These projects usually last anywhere from 2 to 6 months. Here’re some examples:

  • “Product X” Marketing Plan, including market sizing, product marketing, product requirements, message development, product delivery, sales/channel, and launch/communications strategies.
  • Competitive Positioning for new market opportunities.
  • New market planning in order to figure out what’s necessary to take your products into successful new markets.
  • Target market sizing, validation, and strategy implementation

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