What Surprised Me After I Referred Business to Three Trusted Associates

Something very exciting happened to me during the last two weeks in December that I will share with you. I heard from three business associates who had gained new clients directly from referrals I made on their behalf. This was great news to me for a number of reasons I will share later in this blog. I’ll also reveal three lessons I learned about how you can drive more referrals…

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How Marketing Leaders Can Help Sales Get Higher-Level Business Relationships

In my last blog, Why Too Many Sales Reps Have Only Low-Level Business Relationships, I discussed the dilemma a tech company CEO faced when he realized that sales deals were stalling because his reps did not have the business relationships at the right level they needed. The reaction and comments to this blog were inspiring. Many sales leaders around the globe who read the blog asked me what role the…

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Why Too Many Sales Reps Have Only Low-Level Business Relationships

I was meeting with a client, a CEO of a mid-sized professional services firm in the tech sector, when the topic shifted to business relationships in the sales process. He asked me how high and deep I thought his sales team’s relationships were and whether they were operating at the appropriate level they needed to sell into. He had concerns that they had relationships too low at their target companies.…

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