What is the StepBack Marketing Methodology?

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing provides a compelling advantage and clear value to its clients by planning and implementing the critical client-side high-tech marketing tasks that no one else really knows how to. Strategic market planning, market research, detailed target and segment marketing, product agreement, cross-organizational integration, and messaging/positioning to ensure that the company is ready to go to market…and doesn’t waste time and money. For less and quicker, so that companies…

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The Hard, Sweaty, Smelly Part of Marketing

One of the reasons that CEOs of growing tech firms don’t always appreciate the value behind the marketing investment is because too often “marketing” seems like random, immeasurable folly that can’t be tied back to the main goals of the business. These goals are usually related to revenue or sales achievement. A reason for this is that the marketing team often has no real insight into who the true money-paying…

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Targeted Lead Generation Program for Well-Funded E-Commerce Software Company

This company, a well-funded (at the time) e-commerce applications company, needed to find the best possible sales prospects for its newly-hired, expensive sales force. Since the average sale was for nearly $500,000, we needed to create a program that truly out us in front of real, CXO customers. In this case, the real prospects included vice presidents of merchandising, retail, or sales at companies that did business over the internet.…

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