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Company Overview

Our clients are great companies that have specific growth initiatives. Usually the problems can be solved with sound market planning, vertical market development, or effective sales and marketing integration. Fred Diamond created DIAMOND Strategic Marketing to help these companies quickly, comprehensively, and effectively enter new markets, grow existing ones, and optimize the company’s sales programs with more effective marketing programs.

Our motto, “Marketing that doesn’t lead to revenue reward is a huge waste of time and money” has been unbelievably well received by CEOs at some of the world’s leading tech and professional services firms. Often, they see marketing as an expense with hard to measure return on investment (ROI). DIAMOND Strategic Marketing helps them see that marketing can contribute effectively to the company’s bottom line…because DIAMOND Strategic Marketing understands THAT IT’S ALL ABOUT SALES.

Quick Things

CEOs who have a vision for growing their firms hire us because we are committed to getting their vision into the market quickly and soundly. We get that it’s about sales and growth – we focus on sound go-to-market strategies that will help their firm meet and exceed its goals.
Companies primarily hire us for go-to-market strategy, sales & marketing integration projects, new product marketing initiatives, and outsourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) projects.
International marketing is one of our specialties. We’ve provided marketing support to companies from India, Israel, Pakistan, Germany, Korea, Japan, Canada, and the United States.
We won’t waste your time, your money, or your energy. Our motto, “Marketing that doesn’t generate revenue reward is a HUGE waste of time and money” continues to drive us.

Our Team

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To be frank, the people who work for DSM have probably seen it all. They have helped Fortune 50 companies, public sector entities, healthcare concerns, and companies of all shapes and sizes launch new marketing efforts, pursue new vertical markets, and grow existing ones. They understand the needs of different sized companies across the marketing timeline, whether the company is just starting to pursue specialized or vertical markets, or if they need to recalculate and refresh their efforts.

Our team is committed to the marketing and sales initiatives that our clients face. We always speak in terms of “we”, as in “what are we trying to achieve by entering this new market?” Or “what do we need to build to be successful?”

We’ve worked with some of the most exciting companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Compaq, Compuware, and high-flying start-ups in business intelligence, ERP applications, data storage, enterprise communications, software, hardware, e-commerce, Internet, and data storage.

About Fred Diamond

Fred Diamond
Fred Diamond is committed to ensuring that his clients’ marketing strategy is sound, workable, and targeted properly. He has over 23 years of marketing and business development success with a wide range of leading high tech companies including Apple, Compaq, Compuware, and high-flying start-ups in e-commerce and data storage. He has provided International marketing leadership for companies in enterprise communications, software, hardware, e-commerce, Internet, and data storage. His marketing experience spans market planning, product marketing, marketing communications, lead generation, and customer development. He specializes in developing realistic marketing programs that enable customer segmentation and targeting to hasten business development. He is highly regarded as an expert at figuring out the programs needed to develop and implement in order to effectively find new prospects in what he calls “the rush to customers.” His domain expertise includes many vertical markets, including all public sector markets including Federal, State & Local Government, and Education.

An accomplished speaker and presenter, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing President Fred Diamond is well networked and served as chairman of the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Business Development, Sales, and Marketing committee. He served on the board of the Emory University Alumni Association and has been a mentor for the American Marketing Association (AMA). He has been the president of the DC Chapter of the Marketing Executive Networking Group (MENG), an association of senior marketing professionals. Mr. Diamond has an MBA from San Jose State University and a BA from Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He was a marketing lecturer at the University of Phoenix and a frequent speaker and writer on marketing topics. He is also the founder and executive director for the Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development (IES&BD).

With DIAMOND Strategic Marketing, since 2001, he has created and implemented marketing and sales programs for dozens of professional services, software, government contracting, software reselling, Internet hardware, and voice over IP, electronics, physical security, protective services, and computer security systems companies, including many companies in the Microsoft VAR and ISV space.