Customer Profiling and Segmentation for $2B Software Company

Compuware had three challenges needed to be addressed. First, it needed to produce live customer data for a new sales force that was approaching new companies every day. We needed to give them information on existing customers in the verticals they were addressing. Second, we needed to gather data that proved which verticals we had the best chance for success in. And third, we needed to feed information back to product development to ensure that products were being developed with their needs in mind.

To achieve the above we created a series of 15 questions that addressed product usage, buying intent, and feature attraction. A team of 4 spent three weeks gathering the data on all 500+ customers from interviews with the customers themselves and sales reps. We then put the data into an Oracle database and began producing reports for sales management, product development, and the marketing communications team.

This process was so successful that it was replicated across the company’s 7 other product lines.

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