DSM Launches World-Class Protective Services Training Center in Maryland

The Leadership of the Protective Services Training Academy (PSTA) wanted to create a world-class training facility for protective services organizations, Federal, State & Local agencies, and the security professionals who would train there. In order to get there, they hired DIAMOND Strategic Marketing to create the messaging to all of the critical audiences, develop the brand, conduct market analysis to create worthwhile differentiation, and institute a communications plan to achieve the business goals.

The core messages we developed had the power to serve as important touchstones for the overall business strategy and underscored the PSTA’s commitment to building the region’s leading and only true world-class training academy. Everything was based on the tagline “Where the Region’s Top Protective Service Organizations and Professionals Come to Train.”

It was an interesting engagement. There were four key audiences we had to build a plan for:

  • Commercial Entities Looking to Train their Staff and Find PSOs
  • Government Entities Looking to Train their Security Staff
  • Retail Customers such as Security, Military, and Law Enforcement Professionals who will become Members
  • Prospective PSOs

The first step was to profile these critical audiences, confirm the main offerings for them, and agree on the PSTA’s intention for each audience. We then developed the main and secondary messages supported by key proof points. After a significant of testing, the three prevailing messages were:

  • Preferred Venue (in the DC Region) for Protective Services Certification and Training Of All Kinds for Commercial Business, Government Organizations, and Individuals
  • DC Region’s most complete protective services training academy, featuring a world-class training facility to meet the needs of leading and growing protective service organizations.
  • Designed for Security Professionals and Military Members to Hone Their Skills, Buy Cool Stuff, and Feel at Home

In order to keep the PSTA top of mind with the region’s protective service leaders, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing implemented a content marketing and thought leadership program “Protective Services Leadership Insights.” For this program, we identified three experts on protective service organizational management, training strategies, and product reviews. We created videos and blogs for each thought leader, re-purposed them on various social media sites, and spread virally. The concept was well received in the market and helped get the PSTA top of mind in the DC-marketplace in only 6 months.

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