Federal Government GSA and Marketing Program Creation

Compaq had some success in the Federal marketplace simply by being one of the leading PC companies in the world at the time. When the company made the decision to become the number one company in the Federal market, it needed a strong marketing communications and channel program.

The marketing program was critical. Compaq was always known as the highest quality PC maker but was always perceived to be expensive. This was not a good thing in the cost-conscious Federal market. One survey even showed that only 3% of the respondents believed that Compaq offered an affordable machine for the market. A great deal of effort went into showing the Federal market that not only was Compaq still the highest-quality manufacturer on the market, but that it was very affordable as well. Within two years, the survey increased to well over 75% of the respondents who believed that Compaq was very affordable.

A great deal of effort was also made to select the highest performing GSA schedule holders. A detailed process, with many metrics, was established to ensure that the resellers Compaq chose to partner on the GSA were the right ones.

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