How DIAMOND Strategic Marketing Helps CEOs, Business Owners and Sales Executives

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing is primarily hired by CEO’s of growing technology and professional services firms that want to take their company to the next level, whatever that may be. Usually there is a revenue growth goal in mind, and the company has reached its first or second critical inflection point. We get that they are primarily interested in growing revenue. That’s unusual from other marketing consultants. Here’s how we help critical team members and growing firms:

Small to Medium High-Tech or Professional Services CEOs

The CEO at companies we work are looking to take their company to the next level. Perhaps grow from $5 million to $10 million, or $25 million to $50 million. The commitment to grow is there, however the marketing strategy to get there is unknown. Often, to this point, the CEO has done everything to get the company where it is. Sold to the biggest clients, perhaps created the collateral materials and wrote and designed the web site. The CEOs we work with realize at some point that they should be focusing on more strategic aspects of the firm, such as financing, bringing in more talent, and growth. It’s then that they bring in DIAMOND Marketing to develop, design, and execute a smart marketing plan that will take the firm to the next level.

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing knows what works, what’s smart to do and what should be dropped immediately. Having a trusted advisor in this regard is a huge benefit to the CEO. The quality of our work is unsurpassed so the CEO knows that he/she can focus on growing the business or other pressing challenges, while the marketing program is in good hands.

Superstar Sales Vice Presidents

Sales VPs knows they are in trouble if the company is not positioned well and the marketing engine is not effective. When the sales reps complain that Marketing doesn’t deliver what they need, time is wasted and distrust with the company’s commitment to be successful is questioned by the sales team.

Vice Presidents of Sales have been our biggest supporters. DIAMOND Strategic Marketing is unique in that we know that it’s about sales and driving revenue. Every time we draft a marketing plan, we ALWAYS consider the sales implications of the plan. Will this marketing plan help the company reach its revenue goals? Will it help attract the right number of leads and customers? DIAMOND Strategic Marketing is a godsend for the VP of Sales who needs a partner who knows that it’s about sales and is committed to developing solutions that will make the sales reps successful.

International Firms Entering US Market

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing has vast experience helping US firms market their products and services to international markets and even more experience helping international firms entering and developing their approach to various US markets. We’ve helped numerous Asian firms, from Korea and Singapore, for example, Israeli, and European headquartered companies develop their US marketing and sales plans.

For example, we helped a Seoul-based high-tech product manufacturer called Hana Data Solutions introduce an exciting Internet appliance called the WebQ to the US. We developed the marketing and communications plan for the company identifying key vertical markets to pursue. We also supported a number of Korean tech firms who were part of the Korean Business Development Center. Technologies represented by these companies included biometrics, access control, Internet development, and telemedicine.

Visionary Marketing Vice Presidents

Having done senior level marketing on the inside for the world’s leading tech firms such as Apple, Compaq and Compuware, plus numerous start up and pre-IPO companies, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing knows better than anyone how to create go-to-market strategies, determine the highest-quality, lowest-cost way to market, and implement programs excellently.

Marketing Vice Presidents are looking for trusted advisors that know what they’re talking about, have the right experience, and can quickly deliver the goods. DIAMOND Strategic Marketing delivers on the time and time again. We are often invited in to review marketing plans and provide marketing program audits.

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