Offering Outsourced Marketing Leadership to Growing Tech Firms

DIAMOND Marketing has been offering outsourced senior marketing leadership for over a decade. We have a wealth of knowledge of the high-tech space and we provide high-quality staff leadership and staff work to get growing tech firm challenges addressed faster and completed quicker. Always on the client side, we become an intimate member of your team. In this role, we can develop, design, and implement specific or general programs in order to meet agreed upon objectives.

In this role, we’ll research your market, develop the strategy, and put the systems, people, and training in place to carry out the strategy successfully. We’ll manage the staff, if needed. In today’s world of layoffs and downsizing, outsourced marketing is a reality. Some of our engagements last a few months, some last years.

Look at DIAMOND Marketing a little differently than you would other marketing groups. We have spent our entire careers on the client side, so we’re interested in a strong overall program, not just to do ad campaigns, for example. We also start the marketing process way before launch begins to ensure that the right communications, promotion, product, channel, and sales programs are in place. We are committed to your company’s success.

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