Outsourced B2B Marketing Services to Accelerate Sales and Revenue Growth

As your outsourced marketing services partner, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing specializes in the following areas:

  • Go-to-market strategy development.
  • Vertical market development
  • Product and business line positioning and messaging development
  • Marketing Communications and Lead Generation Projects
  • Partner and channel development programs

We provide high-quality marketing leadership and staff work to get your challenges addressed faster and completed quicker. We become an intimate member of your team, helping management reach its goals. CEO’s hire us to help them get their vision into the market. In this role, we can develop, design, and implement specific or general marketing programs, such as content marketing, search engine optimization and management, and PR programs.

With our wealth of technologies brought to market, we quickly get up to speed on your product or service, develop the go-to-market strategy, and put the systems, people, and training in place to carry out the strategy successfully.

In today’s world of layoffs and downsizing, outsourced marketing is a reality. Some of our engagements last 3 months, some last many years. Most of our clients are tech or professional services firms that have reached a certain inflection point where the firm’s ownership believes the firm is ready to get to the next level. Perhaps the firm has grown to $20 million and now wants to grow to $50 million, or $100 million to $250 million.

To get to the next level, ownership recognizes that the firm needs to do a number of things differently. Often, to attain the growth, the firm will hire a senior sales VP from a major tech manufacturer or developer, or hire a team of sales reps. Usually, within three months both strategies will fail often because the company’s positioning is not succinct or targeted enough, or because the offerings are too vague, or because the company’s target market is not big enough. We are usually hired at this point, to help create a sound, smart, and effective go-to-market plan that will help accelerate the sales and business development efforts.

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