Re-launch of a Business Software Company into New Verticals

The company had a 5 year run of impressive growth. The CEO had built the company from one person to 20 consultants through a very difficult period, growing each year, adding on blue chip accounts. Its growth was not atypical for an entrepreneurially run fast growth company.

However, its growth expectations forced it to look beyond how it was currently doing things. In order to achieve the same type of growth, it needed to implement a more mature go-to-market program with targeted vertical penetration and defined sales and marketing processes. In order to grow, the company needed to get serious about its sales and marketing.

DIAMOND Marketing helped the company pinpoint the most logical vertical markets. DIAMOND Marketing identified and validated the three verticals that contained the most-likely-to-buy companies. After the best three markets were identified, DIAMOND Marketing helped the company reconstruct its messaging, train its staff on the verticals, re-write the collateral, reproduce the web site, and redirect its networking efforts. DIAMOND Marketing also helped the company create a list of the 150 most likely customer prospects in each vertical. They built a database of those prospects and trained the sales force on how to penetrate those accounts.

The CEO said he was convinced the process was a success after the company closed two deals in one of the newly targeted verticals within a week.

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