Steve Charles Presents “After the Shutdown: Using the Challenger Sales Model to Grow Your Federal Sales” on October 25

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing is a proud sponsor of the Institute for Excellence in Sales and Business Development (IES&BD).

If you’re a selling professional who focuses on selling to the Federal Government, you must attend this program featuring Federal Sales expert Steve Charles, co-author of The Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market, a how-to book for companies selling to the government. For the past two decades Steve Charles has helped hundreds of technology manufacturers succeed in the government marketplace. His breadth and depth of expertise on every dimension of the government technology ecosystem provide technology manufacturers with a strategy and clear focus for the greatest success.

The Federal Shutdown will eventually end, and when it does the challenge to sell more to the Federal Government will be even tougher. Current situation notwithstanding, for decades, federal sales and business development training has emphasized responsiveness. We’re taught how to be responsive to the Federal buyer’s requirements, specifications and instructions whether responding to an RFI, SSN, IFB, RFP or RFQ. The rules tell us that only responsive, responsible companies can be awarded a contract. The hottest sales methodology book in recent years, The Challenger Sale from the CEB, shows that the most successful salespeople during the economic downturn were Challengers; challenging the customer and taking control of the conversation by knowing more about the customer than the customer themselves.

So, how can this work in Federal with its rule-bound system of checks and balances? The answer lies in the details of the government procurement process itself, succinctly summarized in Chapter 2 of The Inside Guide to the Federal IT Market. In this session, Steve will map the concepts of Challenger to the early steps that federal buyers are supposed to complete for all procurements larger than $150,000. Yes, you can be a Challenger in Federal, but timing is everything.

Register to join us now. Tickets are only $59 before October 12; $79 October 13 and after; $95 at the door. Breakfast, great networking, and great content included.

About Steve Charles:

Steve is the co-founder of the IMMIX Group. He is actively involved in government-industry associations including TechAmerica, ACT-IAC, Coalition for Government Procurement, and the National Contract Management Association. He meets regularly with leaders in government and industry to increase understanding and positive action.

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