What Tech CEOs Should Expect from their Marketing Leaders

This article originally appeared in the Renaissance Executive Forums May 5, 2015 newsletter. Many Marketing staffers in companies that are trying to get to the next level are not serving their employers as well as they can. Whose fault is it–the CEO or the Marketing staffers? In a popular 1980’s song, Howard Jones famously said no one ever is to blame. That’s not the case here. Marketing needs to deliver…

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Should Growing Tech Firm CEOs Be Writing Blogs at 3am?

The answer to this question–and a few others we’ll address—is no. The question is not whether press releases or blogs should be written. It’s whether the CEO of a firm that has exceeded its first round of growth should be focused on this type of important tactic when there are bigger fish to fry. However, this scenario frequently has come up over the years when I’ve met with tech and…

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What Tech and Professional Services CEOs Should Expect from Marketing

Earlier this year, I met with a CEO of a growing professional services firm in the enterprise software space. He requested the meeting because he was looking to double the size of his company from around $25 million to $50 million by 2018 and was searching for new go-to-market ideas. When we met, he said he raised the question to the two people on his marketing team and didn’t get…

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