What Tech and Professional Services CEOs Should Expect from Marketing

Earlier this year, I met with a CEO of a growing professional services firm in the enterprise software space. He requested the meeting because he was looking to double the size of his company from around $25 million to $50 million by 2018 and was searching for new go-to-market ideas. When we met, he said he raised the question to the two people on his marketing team and didn’t get…

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How to Market Your Tech Products When Everyone Thinks You’re Just a Services Company

I attended an industry conference on technology marketing in the early 1990s in which one of the featured speakers was a senior executive from IBM. During his keynote presentation, he bemoaned the fact that few people knew that IBM was the second largest software company in the world. It was the height of the personal computer boom, and most people knew IBM from their computer hardware businesses, which ranged from…

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Three Things You Can Do When Your Product’s Behind

There are three things the marketing organization can do in this situation. This case is not unusual and happens more often than not. That does not make it any easier, however at least it means you’re not alone. The marketing organization, leader, group or whatever needs to take the lead by paring, eliminating, and focusing. Pare down the prospect list with the sales team, eliminate extraneous marketing activities that are…

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