Targeted Lead Generation Program for Well-Funded E-Commerce Software Company

This company, a well-funded (at the time) e-commerce applications company, needed to find the best possible sales prospects for its newly-hired, expensive sales force. Since the average sale was for nearly $500,000, we needed to create a program that truly out us in front of real, CXO customers. In this case, the real prospects included vice presidents of merchandising, retail, or sales at companies that did business over the internet. In order for the marketing team to meet its pipeline contribution quota, we needed to attract over 100 of these caliber people.

We had a couple of obstacles to success. First, the usual way to get to these executives was through some type of networking event, usually with some type of peer-to-peer exchange. Unfortunately, the company did not have the name recognition of a first or second tier player, so there was not the name draw. Also, at the time there were dozens of seminars and networking events happening, so it was hard to distinguish value. Many of the sales reps were new, so we could not expect a lot of assistance from them in inviting prospects to the event.

The idea we created was an executive night in the executive suite at the town’s baseball park. The event started at 5 with a networking reception followed by three presentations: (1) a welcome presentation by our local sales manager that addressed the e-commerce challenges companies were facing; (2) a presentation by a key selling partner that showed how we were leveraged; and (3) a detailed financial analysis of our software to help prospects understand its benefits. We spent the game in one of the executive suites. The goal was for our local rep to meet with each customer by the end of the third inning and to schedule meetings with our partner at the customer site within the next two weeks.

We attracted an average of 27 people at all 12 events over a 5 week period. Over 110 of the people were VP level and above – true prospects.

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