Two Marketing Tactics You Must Consider When Marketing to the Feds

There are two elements of an effective marketing plan that fast growing government contractors should consider. While an effective go-to-market strategy includes sound business development, targeting, and performance, two marketing tactics that are strong today are corporate blogs and electronic newsletters (e-newsletters).

This is for the following reasons. Many high-tech and professional services firms have many messages they are trying to get into the market. While it would be great to have a world-class elevator speech or tagline that summarizes all that your firm does, in reality there are many things you want your customers and partners to know about you. These may include thought leadership, competencies, market positioning, customer successes and individual achievements. A blog gives you a way to easily and thoughtfully get these messages out into the market. Plus, due to the dynamic nature of blogs, you can raise your positioning on the search engines.

In addition to the benefit of getting out multiple messages to an interested audience, e-newsletters also help build community with partners. Interested audiences become trained to receive a regular communication each month. It’s also a great way to build partnerships, by inviting new and desired partners to contribute articles.

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