What is the StepBack Marketing Methodology?

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing provides a compelling advantage and clear value to its clients by planning and implementing the critical client-side high-tech marketing tasks that no one else really knows how to. Strategic market planning, market research, detailed target and segment marketing, product agreement, cross-organizational integration, and messaging/positioning to ensure that the company is ready to go to market…and doesn’t waste time and money. For less and quicker, so that companies do it right and get to revenue faster. Having always been on the client side at some of the top technology firms in history, such as Apple, Compaq, and Compuware, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing understands intimately the internal pressures and challenges companies face as they go to market.

What is Go-to-Market Strategy Acceleration and How Does the Step Back Methodology Work?

Unlike Marketing Communications, which starts in most cases after the product is launched and is concerned specifically with tactics designed to get a prospect’s attention via advertising, communication, or direct marketing, Go-to-Marketing Strategy Acceleration addresses everything necessary to bring a product to market and then make it successful by achieving and exceeding revenue expectations quickly. This may include message confirmation, customer requirements gathering, targeted market planning and determination, and marketing-sales integration. Excellence in Marketing Strategy ensures that the product is ready to be launched, the sales force is prepared, and revenue can start coming in shortly after launch.

Deliverables through the StepBack Methodology May Include the Following:

  • Delineating Messaging and Support Needs for Investor and Enterprise Customer Audiences.
  • Create differentiated positioning of firm as state-of-the-art predictive analytics product developer.
  • Develop resonating product marketing map.
  • Reinvigorate web design efforts to make company’s offerings stand out in confused market.
  • Form the company’s branding and identification effort.
  • Consider career development strategies.
  • Brand the firm as a top notch, highest quality product developer.
  • Reinvigorate web design efforts to make company’s offerings stand out in confused market.
  • Implement PR plan to raise industry awareness and create effective PR program that may include press releases, thought leadership, analyst visits, road show, and content development.
  • Identify marketing and communication needs for effectiveness of both message and reach to appropriate target audiences.
  • Develop and implement Social networking strategies.
  • Work with Business development team to develop a long-range marketing plan that will effectively position product offerings for success.

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