What We Do

Most of our clients are tech or services firms that are looking to enter new markets or bring new products to market. Even for some of our largest clients, strategic market development had not been a priority. However, as customers get more sophisticated and demanding, our clients have needed to adopt a more focused and strategic approach. We help them put the right plans in place to grow vertical markets and revenue opportunities. We are often hired to create a sound, smart, and effective go-to-market plan that will help accelerate the sales and business development efforts.

DIAMOND Strategic Marketing helps firms more effectively enter new vertical and industry markets, integrate sales and marketing programs, and develop effective go-to-market plans. Vertical marketing strategies are critical to help keep a growing firm on target and focused. Customers are looking for companies that understand their business needs. They want partners who understand their challenges be they compliance, regulations, or other unique market needs. We always work with our clients to ascertain the most likely vertical markets to pursue and then develop the plan to make them a leader in the market. The vertical marketing plan includes messaging, communications strategies, and sales acceleration and integration programs. The intention is to help establish the firm as a leader in one or more vertical markets.