Why DSM Created the Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development

Since our inception, DIAMOND Strategic Marketing’s tagline has been “Marketing that does not lead to revenue reward is a HUGE waste of time and money.” This tagline has appealed to the hundreds of CEOs and business owners who have contracted us to develop and implement marketing plans for their businesses.

Selling is really more challenging than ever. Sales cycles are longer. Product portfolios are increasingly complex. Distribution channels are more fragmented. Competition for customers and market share, driving top-line growth necessitates innovation and process improvements to ensure continued success. The ability to reach new markets, regenerate established markets and deliver superior products/ services requires the capability to drive growth by identifying and defining new innovative strategies, business models and practices.

Yet organizations’ sales enablement technologies have not evolved. Organizations must innovate in order to grow and survive. The Institute for Excellence in Sales & Business Development (IES&BD) was created to demonstrate excellence throughout the Sales & Business Development operational process to help organizations maximize their efforts.

The IES&BD serves as a center of actionable best practices, insights, proprietary data, tools, advisory services, thought leadership, and recognition that enable organizations to achieve High Performance in the area of Sales & Business Development.

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