DIAMOND Strategic Marketing (DSM) clearly gets that it’s about getting to revenue. CEOs love us because we realize that “Marketing that does not lead to revenue reward is a HUGE waste of time and money.” Our focus on vertical marketing strategies into markets such as the Federal Government, State & Local Government, Education, and Healthcare hastens company’s sales efforts. We’ve worked in all areas of high-tech and professional services including software, networking, security, and services. We look at your marketing investment as the entire process you take to understand what products and services the market needs; what customers you need to reach; the nuances, demands, and desires of the markets you’ll pursue; and the highest-quality lowest-cost ways to get the right products or services to the right customers.

DSM provides a compelling advantage and clear value to its clients by planning and implementing the critical client-side marketing tasks that no one else wants to do. Strategic market planning, market research, detailed target and segment marketing, product agreement, cross-organizational integration, and messaging/positioning to ensure that the company is ready to go to market…and doesn’t waste time and money. For less and quicker, we know what needs to get done so that companies get to revenue faster.